zondag 11 augustus 2013

OJ0V QSL status : update

Our design is now ready for printing.

Max did a very nice graphical job and we're very happy with it.

I expect that the sending of the huge amount of direct QSLs can start first week of September.

Buro cards ordered via Clublog will be processed and ready for the October QSL sort in our club.

maandag 5 augustus 2013

OT1A blog goes commercial

This blog is now also filled with some commercial information supplied by Google.

All revenues will return to the ham-radio society. 

The first 250 $ have been sent to the WRTC2014 committee...

European HF Championship 2013

I did a keyer/tx/ampli warm-up this weekend : 415 CW QSO's in 3,5 hours is almost 2 contacts per minute.

No special features, antenna down to 12m and only active on 20m and 15m.  Just for fun because I had other things to do with the kids... we were somewhere between the other indians looking at a soccer game.

So 3 funny contests in one weekend :
Saturday afternoon EU HFC : very nice rate in a nice relaxing contest
Saturday evening Soccer game : victory of our city-team
Sunday morning 10km run : first time under the 4:30min/km since 2005

OT1A gets DXCC Challenge plaque

Hurah !

The Challenge plaque arrived last week. 
I know, you have to buy it yourself, but it's a nice shack-wall-filler.

RUMlog for IPAD

I'm probably not the only one with this problem : you arrive at your shack, put the transceiver on and work one or more stations... without PC.  Then you have to look for a piece of paper, take some quick notes while afterwards the paper is gone, the time/band/mode isn't indicated etc...

I've had this a few times during big expeditions.   A very annoying feeling... that contact is made but some important info is missing or lost.

Now I found a solution for Ipad.  No waste of time while starting up a Windows environment,  just open the flap and ready.

I've downloaded RUMlog at it does what I want : quick access to the cluster, basic logging functions and easy export to adif.  Cost : only 5 €