zaterdag 21 september 2013

OJ0V qsl status Sep 21th

I've a small delay in treating the OJ0V qsl.   Due to a QRL-QTH move, almost all available time has been taken away the last days.

This is the status :
All direct QSL's received until Sep 10th have been sent.  Only one I station has to be handled.
All OQRS QSL's received until Jul 23th have been sent.  Only one UR station must be go out on Monday morning.
All buro QSL's introduced via Clublog until July 23th are transferred to the buro.

There are about 10 postal direct cards to be handled together with about 50 OQRS direct cards.  This will be done somewhere in the middle of this week.

About 10 direct cards doesn't have enough green stamps (they will be sent by the buro) or are not in the log (they will receive a answer on it).

maandag 2 september 2013

OJ0V QSL cards ready for sending out !

Yes, the cards are now delivered !

Here it is :

The calendar looks like this :

Wednesday-Friday Sep 4th : sending out all direct QSLs that were received via the postal services

Monday-Tuesday Sep 9th : sending out all OQRS direct cards that arrived until 2013/07/21

Wednesday-Friday Sep 11th : sending out out all OQRS direct card that arrived after July 21th

Friday  Sep 13th : buro request via clublog will be offered to our club QSL manager.  After sorting,  the package will go to the national buro for further tranport.