zaterdag 31 mei 2014

30m here we go

This week I did a LOTW update and ordered the 12 dxcc award. 

I've now 7B-DXCC and DXCC-300

Only on 30m there is a huge amount of work to do (before switching to topband - requiring a receiving system).
Last night I finally started to collect new countries.  Within a few hours, 9 new countries were added (3A, OZ, OH0, LU, F, IS0, UA9,SV, SP).
My home-made vertical dipole accepting around 700W does a good job.

Strange feeling... in my current - only 32 cfd dxcc - list I've VK0IR, ZL, ZD7, 3B7,... 

This is due to my Butternut vertical that was used in the early years 1995-2000. 
Even without radial system and only 100W it was possible to contact DXpeditions. 
WARC bands were not that occupied and most multi-band antennas covered only 10-15-20m.

Those rules are changed now... also in QSL-world : only few hours later, 3 countries are allready confirmed via lotw.

zaterdag 3 mei 2014

It's a small world !

HAM radio is a small world.  It are always the same people that come back.

But this one is a bit extreme :-)

During the 2013 ARRL CW contest, Marko, S50K, ended just before me on 15M band.

Eleven months later, 2013 CQWW DX CW we meet again in the final score table. 
Now, it's my turn to have 10 K points more.

It seems that our stations and contest capabilities (and category choice) are very close to each other (at least on the higher bands and in morse). 

CQ-WW-DX CW 2013 award

A real highlight in my morse contest-career...

donderdag 1 mei 2014

New ON-record in CQ WW DX CW

With 627 K points, I was able to beat the current ON record in the 2013 CQ Worldwide DX contest  SOHP-10m-A  CW category
Huray !

I makes me yet more happy because the 3el Steppir isn't optimal for the 10 meter band.  The bad F/B ratio is not an obstacle to perform well in a big contest.

The new record is now :
  1653 QSO, 3604 Points, 38 Zones, 136 countries,  Score   627096

Again a rather bad Q/multi rate, but Running mode is so much more funny than S&P, even in assisted mode.

The error rate of 2,2% - lower than the median error rate of 2,7% - is imo still too high.  This costs me 5,3% of my final score.

Especially the wrong zone numbers hurt me.  This is due to a lack of concentration and experience with N1MM.

28066 CW 2013-11-23 0645 OT1A            14 UA7G            17 correct   16
28077 CW 2013-11-23 0732 OT1A            14 R8OA            17 correct   18
28102 CW 2013-11-23 0953 OT1A            14 OG6N            14 correct   15
28102 CW 2013-11-23 0957 OT1A            14 LZ1NG           15 correct   20
28070 CW 2013-11-23 1754 OT1A            14 N7GVV            3 correct    4
28044 CW 2013-11-24 0943 OT1A            14 RD8O            17 correct   18
28042 CW 2013-11-24 1122 OT1A            14 R7LA            17 correct   16
28106 CW 2013-11-24 1427 OT1A            14 KV1E             5 correct    4
28052 CW 2013-11-24 1620 OT1A            14 N7FUL            3 correct    4

 The OG and LZ zone-errors may not occur because there is no doubt possible...

Another tricky one is the dit-disease :

dit : S59DCR correct S59DKR
dit : GM3YEU correct GM3YEH
dit :  6Y7P correct 6Y7W - country multi lost !
dit : UR3VR correct UR3UR
dit : UW5A correct UW5U
dit :  KN3Y correct KN4Y
dit : IZ3IQW correct IZ3SQW
dit : DL6MRK correct DL6MFK
dit : DF3SS correct DF3IS

9 missed dit's = 0,5% call error rate

But others have the same problems.  OT1A was copied :

OT-2-3-4-5-6A = 9x    O-E-Y-1A = 3x