zaterdag 31 mei 2014

30m here we go

This week I did a LOTW update and ordered the 12 dxcc award. 

I've now 7B-DXCC and DXCC-300

Only on 30m there is a huge amount of work to do (before switching to topband - requiring a receiving system).
Last night I finally started to collect new countries.  Within a few hours, 9 new countries were added (3A, OZ, OH0, LU, F, IS0, UA9,SV, SP).
My home-made vertical dipole accepting around 700W does a good job.

Strange feeling... in my current - only 32 cfd dxcc - list I've VK0IR, ZL, ZD7, 3B7,... 

This is due to my Butternut vertical that was used in the early years 1995-2000. 
Even without radial system and only 100W it was possible to contact DXpeditions. 
WARC bands were not that occupied and most multi-band antennas covered only 10-15-20m.

Those rules are changed now... also in QSL-world : only few hours later, 3 countries are allready confirmed via lotw.

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  1. 30m is easy and works all year round, even when the solar conditions are poor.
    I always hang out there when not in a contest. There's always room and never QRM.
    LotW says 155 worked and you know I'm not a DXCC chaser. Always with less than 500W and simple antennas (than can't take real QRO).
    I especially like the W6+7 and JA openings that you can almost set your watch to.
    GL es DX OM!