donderdag 17 juli 2014

RTTY stress

Finally, after 2 days filled with troubles and problems, I seem to be able to play in RTTY with my FT1000 MKV.

I started on Monday.  I decided to prepare my station for some rtty activities and maybe the CQWW contest  in September.  A long story very short : my laptop's internal soundcard seemed deaf for the incoming signal from the microham microkeyer.

27 € and (only !) one day later, this little soundblaster stick is the correct workaround and works super.

Incoming signal ok.

Second problem : how to get RTTY out of the tx.  AFSK or FSK ?  Rookie as I am in digital modes, I couldn't find the word FSK on my TX, so I decided to go for AFSK.  Wrong !

More than two hours of changing settings on the microham router + N1MM + MMTTY.  But no good signal.  I had a signal, but I seemed random and not repeatable.

The motivation decreased with the increase of the temperature (it was a hot day in Belgium). However, a phone call with ON5ZO is always the start for a solution.  No plug and play solution as Franki is not a rtty-lover, but at least the hint to go for FSK and not AFSK.

Googling on the net, I seems that Yaesu uses the RTTY buttom for FSK operations and the Packet buttom for AFSK.  Rookie ² !!

But too much time on google is also bad : I took a totally wrong path with the extfsk.dll feature in MMTTY.   Another loss of some hours.

Finally I decided to restart from scratch (without extfsk) and at this moment it seems to work.  With a few Watt and no more motivation to go on, I couldn't make a contact, but this is just a question of time.  Anyway a Russian station answered my 'ot1a ot1a ot1a' with QRZ?  so it means at least a part of my call was in the air. 
With more time and good macros, I'll come back after a qsy to DL.

 RTTY : what a complex mode and setup system...

CW rules !

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