donderdag 31 juli 2014

DXCC #305 worked

C21 is in the log.

This is a special one for me.  No, no secret banking account on this financial paradise, unfortunately...

In my beginning years 1996-1997, playing with a butternut vertical (without radial system) and only 100W, there was an DXpedition to Nauru.  At that time the use of call-lists was used very often.  "last two letters pse ?"  Charlie Papa, I've you.

I was at the almost end of such a list and when it was my turn to play, the conditions were changed and I could't make the QSO. 

It took until yesterday to make a new contact with Nauru.  I really hope (there are some negative rumours) that our Japanese friend will confirm with a QSL card !

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