donderdag 1 november 2012

EMI solution found

continued from the previous blog...

Sunday around 16h Z, we're all about 38 hours in the air, a small letter takes the xyl's attention.  A neighbour is complaining the inability of viewing TV.  (note : house numbers chance quickly due to new buildings in the neighbourhood).
We are convinced that this is about our latest arrived neighbour.  Very bizar, because he lives in my beaming direction to SA, a direction that I almost never use and also an almost dead angle if I'm beaming to the US.
I don't want police at my door on Sunday and decide to decrease power on all bands to 700W with the Acom1000.  This has an immediate impact on running and S&P, but I don't care.
On Monday morning - after some refreshing sleep - I determine that I'm handling with the wrong neighbour.
The complaint comes from a house 100m further, exactly in the direction to the States.
Strange, because we're living together without problems since more than 10 years.

I go knocking on the door.  The om and his xyl explain the problem : they are looking TV with an simple antenna under the roof - something that is very exceptional in Belgium where cable and satellite are the mostly used for TV reception - .

I explain my case and also add the comment that this type of RFI is unavoidable and that there isn't a direct technical solution.  There is a straight radiation right to his reception antenna.  This can't be solved with filters and ferrite.

We agree that I will report if there is a big contest so they can take precautions and do something else.  Only pointing to the USA causes problems so I can take this into account while planning the contest strategy.

Ouf !  Big problem solved !

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