zondag 10 februari 2013

first contacts on RTTY

Yesterday, Peter ON8VP came with the Icom7600 to test a simple rtty setup in the wpx contest.
Setup was done very easily by connecting a USB keyboard directly to the transceiver. 
Making a S&P qso was plug and play.
We made 10 QSO's and then we decided that rtty is a strange mode.  You completely depend on the equipment and what you see is what you get.
As true CW-lovers, I suggested to go play around on 18Mhz.   Peter made some 100 Qso on 18Mhz cw.

He was so friendly to let the tx in my shack to play with.

This afternoon, big moment : I made my first rtty contacts ever.  30 !  Even Venezuela and Dominican. Republic appeared on the transceiver TFT.

But I experienced a minor point : I never had the feeling that I was playing on the air in a contest.  Everything seemed so automatic, just wait until characters appear en type in the answer.

For me Morserunner en rtty have something common but in the reverse way :
with Morserunner, you are playing on a pc in a virtual cw world, but it takes effort and it seems so real. 
With rtty you are really in the air, but it seems so virtual and it is just typing.

 Conclusion : SSB if it does, CW forever, RTTY... to be re-experienced on Market Reef.

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  1. Yes indeed, a few RYRYRY contacts are fun, but it gets boring soon.
    Isn't it strange that almost if not everyone that does CW prefers this mode?