maandag 4 augustus 2014

ONFF-218 on the air !

Hey Guys,

I'm now ONFF-218 !

Not that this is one of my interests, but I my shack is in the natural park, so why not.

Since I need also nearby countries for the 30m DXCC, this attracts stations that need a new ONFF number.

ONFF-218 is the "park des collines" situated in the "pays the collines". 
Traduction to english : "Park of the hills" situated in the "land of the hills".  

I must agree, this is a beautifull region plenty of nature with almost no industry. 
So some protection of the nature by the authorities is a nice to have.

More info on :    All in french, I can't find an english or dutch link.

As from now on, I'll put this reference on my QSL cards.  I someone needs a card with this reference for on older QSO (but after 1999) just send me a mail.

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