dinsdag 28 juli 2015

Finally a blog update

It has been very long time ago that I added a new item to the blog.

To be short some things has been done in order to prepare the next coming years of low sun activity.

- Franki, on5zo, made a metal structure that will be the base for a 80m vertical

- the 2 el 40m is waiting to be installed, but I need my 30m DXCC first

- the 30m dipole has been repaired last week, and since a few days I'm hard chasing new countries.  The counter went from a poor 45 dxcc on 30m last Saturday to 54 this evening

- baluns have been made for 2 beverage on ground antennas to be tested in the coming months.  I bought also a new 4 position remote switch powered over coax to connect the receiving antennas.
And a new rigexpert analyser is also available for the construction of the 80/160m verticals.

- I added a 4th passive 50Mhz element to the Steppir, but I only have 5W (ft817) on 6 meter

- The CW fieldday restricted 40/80/160m co-operating with on5zo was a success : 1st place

- the last 12 months I worked all new countries available on air.  DXCC mixed shows 309, with TN still to be confirmed.

First goal is now 30m dxcc to be earned asap ..

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