maandag 19 februari 2018

FT8 on the air - finally - Yaesu FT1000MP MKV problems with rear signal injection

Problem :

- WSJT-x uses USB and not LSB
- Yaesu  receives the outgoing PC signal via the packet port at the rear of the TX.
- If the working mode is USB, Yaesu automatically takes the microphone signal, which is not connected
- If mode is PKT, Yaesu allways switches to LSB.

Stupid design, known problem described on the internet, but no clear solution.

I've found out this :

Step 1 : menu 8-6 -> "easy setting" with right VFO, "PSK-U" with left VFO -> ENT
Step 2 : press PKT
Step 3 : re-press PKT and hold 1 second

Even if the TX stays in LSB, something has changed.

And it works : I made about 50 QSO's on 30m using FT8 with 80W.  2x VK, 2x JA and 9 new countries on 30m.

FT8 seems the new Holy Grail.

I've read many comments about this mode.

It's not the warm ssb qso , it's not cw, it's all automatic, it's the end of the hobby, it opens ports for non qualified operators, etc...

For me it's just a way to make 2 way qso's around the globe, giving opportunities that were not available before.

I don't see the difference between a 40wpm 599 and a grid square received by the computer.
I don't see the difference between OT1A fiveninefifteen and OT1A R73 on the screen.

Using 100 W with the same results as using 2KW (I'm not sure that this is a true comparison at this moment, certainly not in a pile-up situation) gives advantages :

I can make QSO's without disturbing neighbours, in a silent mode while the kids are sleeping and more important, I can finally construct my receive system for 160m avoiding high power radiating into my receive antenna.

Next step : go on with FT8 on 30m (70 DXCC cfd, 8 wkd but not yet cfd) until DXCC100.

Then play on 160m as much as possible with two beverages on ground.

The future looks bright :-)

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