maandag 11 juni 2018

New project : ON4CCP on the air with.... 1 Watt

After a very successful fieldday -- some need >1 week to send a log to the UBA, so we don't know at this moment if we  won the contest-- , it's time for new business.

I activated my FT817 QRP station on FT8, with only 1 Watt of outgoing power.

Goal is to make 1000 QSO with ON4CCP.
Everybody will receive a qsl, logs also available on Eqsl and LOTW.

It's almost incredible that such a small signals travel allover the world.

With my optibeam 1-30m dipole, I was even heard in VK.

Next time I hope to make a full 2 way contact with VK.

After only one weekend, I was able to make 105 QSO's, good for a total distance of 105.000 km.

I never used such a low power level.

Some QSO's were even made on 6 meter (using the 5th harmonic resonance point on my 10Mhz antenna).

Not everything runs like wanted. 
This weekend a problem occured on my Acom1000. 
I suspect a issue with the relay inside the ampli.  A "hot switching error", even with 7W of drive appears on the display.   To be investigated the next weeks.

I also read some comments on FT8 : link

Oh boy, what a high level of literature...

No changes , no evolution allowed; let's climb into our trees in the jungle, together with Adam & Eve.   With such an attitude, Darwin should have been workless.

Strange that those pessimistic guys use internet to complain...

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