woensdag 18 juli 2012

Doubts about contest results

A few days after a big contest, it's time to analyse the things that happened.  
During my own log analysis it's clear that running gets more QSO's with less multis, and S&P get more multis with less QSO's.  Nothing new, all seems very evident.
I also know myself : in ssb I can make contacts very fast - I had ratings of 6 Q's/minute ) so making faster QSO's is possible but there are limits.  At a top speed hour I make 180-190 Q's with HIGH power.

Now the reality : claimed scores of "top-performers"
I look closely to SO HP Mixed (non assisted) because I suppose that there are assisted stations between it who will no declare it and so some of these guys were direct competitors for me.

I see single operators non assisted stations making >150 Q/hour and this hour after hour during 24h.  No problem, but in the mean time they are capable to have >300 mulipliers. 
OK, it's simple, they are SO2R playing. 
But with this high Q-rate they have even almost no free time to listen to a second radio.  With such a rate you almost never have to call CQ...
Conclusion : I can't see a possibility that a single operator - normal station, not at a special location - can do both run 150 Q/hr during 24hrs and make such an amount of multipliers non-assisted with only one transmission signal in the air. 
Even in assisted mode I've serious doubts.    Possible reasons :  Multi two ? Multi four ?

As a control : looking further than the top 5 result, everything becomes normal : special location stations make more contacts, stations with less contacts make more multis.

I'm not playing for a top position, certainly not.  Without stacks and arrays this will - in my opinion -  never be possible.  If I want a trophy for a special personal performance, I'll buy one for myself.

Nevertheless, I may hope that the contest committee will look very closely to some superhuman results.  It is nice to see some other stations perform better;  this will give power to improve your own capabilities. 
But with such differences, it becomes frustating...

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