vrijdag 13 juli 2012

Ready for the IARU contest

Ready for the biggest summer contest - correction :  big contest but no summer in ON -with almost everyting as wanted.
Only the installation of a k9ay could not be done due to the incredible bad weather.  Non-stop rain, wet grass, strong winds and this day after day...
On 160m I don't have an antenna.  Franki, on5zo convinced me that in this contest 160m is very poor.  So, no time spending for a useless antenna.

On 80m a vertical wire is put on place with only one elevated radial to the States.  I used a fiber of about 10m and then I connected the wire to the tower.  This gives more vertical pattern comparing to an inv-L but isn't really a vertical antenna like the commercial ones.
SWR is ok (1.5) in the CW part, but the antenna needs a tuner in the SSB part of the band.  About 800W will be put on it, something the A1000 and the MFJ tuner can easily handle.  I didn't look for the impedance, which will be around 50 Ohm due to the lack of a good grounding system, but I don't care.  80m will be just used for the multipliers, not for real dx running purposes.
On 40m I've the optibeam dipole
On the higher bands the 3el steppir is now about 24m above the ground.

The only thing I really miss at this moment is good propagation.
I was listening to Asia on 15m and higher : signals were very poor.
I called cq to the USA on 17m.  Also here reports were 559 till 579.

I inspected my cq'ing on the reverse beacon system : http://www.reversebeacon.net/dxsd1/dxsd1.php?f=0&c=ot1a&t=dx
Interesting to see how much different there is between the receiving reports.  W3LPL outperforms the other US stations with almost 20dB.

Tommorow I'll be active in mixed mode assisted, so there'll be a requalification to the multi-op single transmitter category.  Who cares, I just want to have some fun and prepare the station for the CQWWDX contests.

See you on the bands !

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