dinsdag 19 maart 2013

Tito in the zoo

It sounds like a title for a children's book. 

It's a little story about a T2 station, for away in Tuvalu, who dares to call "CQ EU, up" in cw on 20m.
He's listening, copies quite well the EU stations but get's no answer nor report back.

Here ends the children's part...

Journalists allover the continent report the following newslines :

YO3BZF-@       14019.0 T2GM         A bunch of druks demented Keep out 1603 18 Mar   Tuvalu
DF0BA-@        14020.0 T2GM         generation of idiots born          1600 18 Mar   Tuvalu
YO3BZF-@       14019.0 T2GM         Madhouse is open! Danger !         1559 18 Mar   Tuvalu
F5PLC-@        14019.0 T2GM         EU CB fest !                       1558 18 Mar   Tuvalu
UT6LX-@        14019.0 T2GM         extreme work!                      1544 18 Mar   Tuvalu
GM0LVI-@       14019.0 T2GM         Lidfest and Police :-(             1534 18 Mar  

After the terrible behaviour during the Clipperton expedition, the monster is back !

IMO there must be something done on IARU level, something with penalties, something with red cards, something with public announcements of lid's like in the big contests, but at least something.... 
It's getting worse, year after year.  And it's always the same stupid jealous behaviour. 
Guys without low angle antennas, who feel unable to work the dx, disturb the calling frequency with high angle signals.

I worked them at 11h30 utc and the same zoo was allready active.  So it's not a moment of time, but hour after hour.

In the mean time H4 was working USA on 40m without any problem...

Anyway, DXCC 295 worked.

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