dinsdag 19 maart 2013

DXCC update completed

Finally, my DXCC problem is solved, thanks to a friendly xyl at the ARRL desk.

The DXCC update is ok now, only 3 months after start of the demand. 
There was confusion due to my 2 callsigns.

Time to get a realistic summary :
Until now, I worked only 1 of the 10 most wanted dxcc entities. 
Only 20% of the top20, and even not 40% of the top50 most wanted countries.

I still need 47 entities, even 5 situated on the mainland. and "strange" ones (SV/A and United Nations HQ).

In my "carreer" I missed 5 important expeditions due to my fault and one (Scarborough) was missed because the gentle om called 'only number 6' during all my available time.

It's sometimes hard to be a DX-man.

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