maandag 1 april 2013

DX season is over for OT1A

The DXCC counter is now at 297 and it seems finished for this year.

All coming Dx-peditions were worked in the past.  So finally I can now lower the tower after working T5 and A3 some hours ago.
With 5 new countries out of 6 expeditions (I never heard Temotu province or I wasn't at home) the crop seems ok.

Next goal : DXCC on 12m. 
Last year I was at a poor 27 cfd countries.  Today this has grown to 65 cfd with about 15 worked ones to be confirmed.
After this last goal on the higher bands, I'll be no more depending on a 5-bander yagi. 
Let's hope the Steppir can go for another while without errors to obtain this award.

Pse dr om winter, QSY or go QRT !  We want higher temperatures !

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