zaterdag 15 juni 2013

Ready for Market Reef

I've been out of this blog for 3 months. 
The reason is simple : no new expeditions, no contests played, no fieldday and hundreds of km's of running.
I planned to perform half a marathon and this plan takes the exercice-time to get fit to it. 
Two weeks ago - after 8 years of no long distance running - I ran my first 21.1 km...
I'm now a full member of a local athletic club, so ham-time was limited.

Anyway, last week we did our final field test in my garden to check all material to go to Market Reef and activate OJ0V for a week.

From left to right ON8VP, ON6QO, ON4LEM, ON5JT

We placed 3 transceivers near to each other to check our little M/M setup.  No problems were detected except some warnings on the full automatic 1KW amplifier on station 1 (IC7600).

We only have 2 KW of power consumption, so it took some measurement to run 3 stations (2 powered by a ampli) at the same time.

The antennas are the two Ultrabeam verticals, one Inverted L and a 3 element yagi for 50Mhz.

Departure on Juni, 27th and the first activation on Market Reef will be probably on Saturday 29th PM.

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