maandag 1 juli 2013

OJ0V status July 1st

We made 4000 contacts until now.  Yesterday was a very busy day and the 3 stations were active all the time.

The log has been sent to Clublog a few minutes ago.

We see that US stations aren't worked frequently until yet.  There is no clear explanation for it, because SA, AS and OC are in the log as expected. 

This night at 2330 UTC 40m was completely fallen down into noise.

We will do an extra effort to call for North America.

This isn't a 5 star expedition, we have to take "manual showers" with the water of the sea, everything is very basic and limited at this location.  But we'll do our best to  activate the bands as much as possible.

There was also a little ceremony between the Finnish volunteer group and our team...  There is a very good understanding between both teams.  An Atomium (this building is a well known contruction in Brussels) was given as a souvenir.

1 opmerking:

  1. Geweldig werk mannen! Kijk uit naar een QSO op 6 meter en PSK.
    Zag jullie op 15m vanmorgen maar geen prpagaties naar ON! Misschien volgende keer PSK63 eens proberen? Gaat een stuk sneller!
    73 en heel veel plezier!