woensdag 10 juli 2013

Problems with the OJ0V log (hopely) solved

Ok, it is true and also written in the stars : when you do not use a transceiver-pc controller logging software, you will have have problems with band and mode settings and/or changes.

Of course not the first day, when everybody is full of energy and attention for the logging, but after a few days when operator changes occur more often and sleep is missing...

It was clear at the beginning : not all operators were used to play with software like N1MM, even worse (viewed from the logging side), half of the team would play morse with the keyer manually and not with the computer.
These factors let me decide to use a simple self-written software that had proofed reliability during our TM3X and TM4X operations on Ile De Aix a decade ago.

Big extra advantage : while using small netbooks, the input window could be made very big (versus eg. N1MM software).

But you have to change slots manually and there was the problem...

Thanks to clublog we received very quickly complaints about wrong band indications, so the solution could be quickly adapted.  There was mainly a problem with 28Mhz SSB at July 2nd and 18Mhz SSB at July 3rd.

Furthermore we had an ADIF incompatibily issue :  on LOTW, the syntax mode:3 Rty  is allowed for rtty contacts.  On clublog only the more logical mode 4: rtty is accepted.  I had to change my source code for it.  A similar issue occured with PSK modes.

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  1. Why do things smooth and easy when you can do it the hard way with lots of problems... :o)

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    1. With my experience in log checking, I can learn you a lot of tricks in the 'mess things up' category!