woensdag 20 november 2013

Banaba challenges

This is one of them : an expedition that gives you a second chance because you missed the first one.

I didn't contact the Banaba crew some years ago.
It's one in the series of Clipperton, Annobon, Malpelo....
So second chance, no contact this time is no option.
 I normally go to the shack during the week, because the bands are much more calm and no lid's (or less of them) in the air.

This time I couldn't make free time on Tuesday and Friday. So I decided to erect the tower on Friday evening to give it a chance on 40m. No T33A heard. Sure, many stations were calling in the dark but I never heard a 59 nor 599. I heard birds on frequency, tuning amplis, policemen everywhere. Pfff... and then ...

I should not have written it, but this appeared on the cluster.

I seemed that even the second chance should be gone forever.

On Saturday morning before going to QRL I gave it a last try. The cluster announced 21020 and 18070 but ON was in the dark and they were working the eastern countries of EU.

Just before shutting down the tx T33A appeared on 14260. Three calls and I was in the log. Huray !

This must be DXCC 300.  Finally !

Next step : CQWW CW.  Single Band Assisted anyway.  I want some sleep this time.

Maybe SOSB A 10m....

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