donderdag 28 november 2013

WAS and WAZ and DXCC-200 on 10m

Finally, after 18 years and without focussed effort...

Zone 23, KH6 and the two other missing States are confirmed via Lotw.  the DXCC counter on 10m reaches also 200.

This means that for 10 and 15m all award work is done.  With only 2 States missing on 20m and an almost DXCC on 12m, the Steppir has performed all what was needed :
DXCC on all 5 bands from 20-10, WAS and WAZ on 20/15/10m.

But I still have mixed feeling about the missing of zone 19 in the contest.  I think I have  found the root cause of the problem...

To be continued...

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