zaterdag 16 juni 2012

All Asia and 12m openings

This afternoon I started with a complete clean up of the shack, and the first preparations to finish the QSLing.  This will take more time than expected, but I still want to have the QSLing ready before the end of July.

I worked some Asian stations on 15m and 20m in the All Asia contest.  Pretty good conditions ! T6 is a new one on 15m.

On 12m, big fun with wide openings to the Carribean en South-America.  I worked my first PY, LU, FG, 6Y, A6, SV on 12m this evening.  With only 36 countries confirmed, this is almost 15% of all worked 12m countries in a few hours.  So very happy with it.

So is everything so great ?  No : my OMpower ampli didn't arrive yet although it was shipped last Monday...    Hopely it will be delivered next week !

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