donderdag 14 juni 2012

Clublog and WAZ

After writing a piece of code in order to translate and include QSL information from my own log to Adif-format, I've uploaded my complete log to Clublog (

The tool is nice and, although most DXCC information can be found in Lotw, the zone-analysis was surprising for me.  I have not confirmed zone 2 on 20m ! 
This means nobody of the worked VE stations uses lotw nor send cards by the buro.  Very disappointing...
I also never had a contact with zone 23 on 10m and no confirmation of zone 32 on that band.  This is also a surprise.  
On 15m all zones confirmed, on 40m 33 confirmations and on 80m 25 zones.  The new stations design will quickly change those results on the low bands.

So at this moment I can order the WAZ award with at least 150 zones confirmed.  Because this will take of lot of work to search all QSLs, I just will wait until this is included in Lotw.

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