dinsdag 26 juni 2012

OT1A in the CW 2012 WPX contest

The claimed scores of the CW WPX contest are published on the net.

I just took part during a couple of hours to test my station with a new laptop and the updated version of N1MM.  Even this was enough to end somewhere in the lower end of the middle of the worldgroup.
And a first place in ON !   ... not that difficult with only 1 participant.  

With only 13 single ON operator stations in the contest, only 3 in high power, the national competion is very poor.  It seems that CW has become too difficult to most of the new licensed operators...

At this moment, only my friend Franki, OQ5M,  seems to be able to perform very well in SOAB contests.  All the others (myself inclusive during this one) prefer to stay in bed during the night or are happy with 100W.
Hopely, there'll be more competition during the IARU contest !

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