zondag 21 oktober 2012

Final countdown for CQ WW DX SSB contest

This afternoon the G5RV wire went back into its box to make place for the vertical.  It's time for the serious work !
As always - it will never change - there is still some work to do.  Especially the vertical antenna with elevated radials must be assembled and tested.   Thursday the 4 radials for 160m and 8 radials for 80m will be put on place about 3m above the ground.  On Friday morning the 30m vertical terminated by the mfj998rt is the final work to perform.
I keep the manual tuner as a backup solution... I can't take the risk to have a non-performing vertical at Friday noon just a few hours before the start of the contest.  
Friday afternoon is sleeping time till around 22h utc.

This evening there is a web-event organised by the cqww team to explain the new rules.  I wonder if they are going to talk about sdr-checks during the contest...

The WAG was a nice event.  There was a nice run in CW on 40m but the general interest seemed rather low (or most guys were playing in ssb).

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