maandag 15 oktober 2012

On contest - cw part

A smaller version this year : due to the elections day where everyone had to make a vote, the contest committee decided to shorten the ON CW contest.  3 hours instead of 4.  Good idea because normally  during the last hour there is not that much to do.

Thanks to all DL, G and PA stations who gave some points, because the belgian operators were not present this year.  With 92 qsos and 30 multis, I think that this will be a top score, but it wasn't that difficult.
I was a multiplier, so the normal thing you think is that all others will make a contact while scrolling the band.  Not so, some stations kept running all the time and missed me as a multi.
I did a selective S&P : if a station was a multi for me, I made the qso; if not, I didn't call and turned further on the band.
In a contest like this, every  single multi can make the difference.  Most of the leading stations will make about the same number of qso.

Next contest : Worked All Germany.  I'll be active only on 40m CW and only during the night.  On Sunday the preparation for the CQ WW DX will start with the assembling of the low band radials.

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