zondag 7 oktober 2012

Package arrived : mfj-998rt

Ordered Tuesday at dx-engineering, the package arrived on Friday.
As always,super-speed delivery without any problem.

I ordered a few little items like some clamps that I couldn't find in Belgium and of course the MFJ-998RT tuner.  Most of the negative reviews indicate bad quality of the soldering, so the first thing I did was opening the tuner.
To be honest, I was surprised about the high quality of the placement and solderings.  The quality check stamps were date 2012/August, so it must be a recent box.

I did a small test with the box in the shack connected to the G5RV.  The manual indicates the use of a 4:1 balun with this antenna, but I did it without.
On most cases the tuner tuned very fastly to a good matching on 80m and 40m.
While changing in the band the tuner starts an auto-tune "most" of the time.  Sometimes it does nothing and this has to be resolved be a power reset.
On 10 Mhz there was no matching although the tuner in the tx fixed it without problems;  Maybe the impedance was out of the range (no 4:1 balun remember).

Anyway it seems to work.  During the WW DX it has to match a vertical wire.  This must be performed without problems as the manuals indicates.

One minor point detected : in error mode the tuner starts to send CW code.  OK, nice, but who will hear this with the remote machine placed 50m from the shack ?

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