zondag 7 oktober 2012

ON SSB contest 2012

In 2002 my xyl was the first  (and maybe the last) xyl winning the ON SSB contest.  
In 2005 I obtained a first place in both the SSB and CW part of this contest.
After this the motivation was gone for years.

A winner score in the ON contest means about 170 QSO's in 4 hours.  In a major contest this can be done during one super hour of operation.

This Sunday I took some time to participate.  With the same setup as always : a G5RV as inverted V , tuned in the shack.  Power output around 500W (the Acom1000 has no problems with swr >3) because I'm sure there is a risk for EMI with this setup.

After the first relative busy hour, the contest becomes boring.  The rate is simply too low.  Also the importance is too low : I was playing on a frequency where a weekly raw chewing occurs, so the OM asked friendly to qsy.  No problem, but this will never happen during a WW contest...

I hope to be in a top 3 position...

After the contest I investigated the dxcluster.  Incredible ...  the self spotting (or friend-spotting) rate is higher than I ever expected.  This isn't normal anymore.  

The top moment occured at 9h30 utc :

on3axu remembers pa3geo via a spot (!) : selfspotting is for children

One minute later pa3geo replies again via a spot (!) : I decide myself what I have to do...

To be continued next week in the CW part (shortened by one hour because every ON-ham has to go vote for the local elections.  In ON this is mandatory :-(  )...

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